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Clint has been leading worship and songwriting since he was a teenager. It was at that time, in a small church in Bedford, TX, that God planted a vision in his heart and a desire to see the Lord glorified in worship. Since that time he has attended and served faithfully in the local church and has been doing so in his current church, Gateway Church in Southlake Texas, since 2004. 

Clint has played on Gateway's projects 'God Be Praised' and 'Forever Yours'. He has traveled nationally and internationally and longs to see the heart of God imparted to everyone. 

He currently resides outside of Dallas with his wife Claire and their three children.

What happens during your worship times?
Anything God wants to do! As a worship leader, leading a congregation, you are continually in a mode of listening to God. I don’t want to be a song leader leading people in ‘spiritual karaoke’ by singing songs on a screen and not connecting with our amazing God. His presence changes everything! I want Him to have control. I need to always have a servant’s mentality, ready to give what God has given me. I want to go where God goes! I want to say what God says!

What are you passionate about?
God’s love! He loves us so much but we tend to forget or take it for granted. Jesus gave us a great example of how to live our lives. He healed the sick, had compassion and showed love to everyone. He trained His disciples to do the same by demonstrating His heart to a broken world. We are to live like Jesus lived. We are to lay hands on the sick and see them healed, we are to show compassion and love everyone. We have two mandates: to love our God with all our heart and to love others. Let’s go out and do just that.